The printed work in ELEMENTS (2005) represents my first attempt to incorporate digital technology into my art practice, while at the same time using my hands to create the original individual images. Describing the process is complicated.  I am happy to correspond with anyone who finds this explanation confusing.  

I will simply say that for each square image there is a unique handmade, one of a kind collage measuring 6 “ x  6”.  The individual collage is composed of layers of steel, glass, transparencies made from my original gelatin silver Diana camera images all mixed with additional miscellaneous materials to create the new image.  The original image was then scanned and deconstructed and subsequently reconstructed in the form of the grid. 

The original small collage is framed in an 11” x 14” frame.  The scanned and printed editions of both the square images and the gridded images are presented either framed and matted or mounted on aluminum and “floated” on the wall.  The dimensions of the aluminum mounted square image can be as large as 36” x 36”.  Each individual “element” of a gridded image is sometimes mounted on aluminum as separate pieces and when installed the entire piece may be nearly 8 feet long.